Web Reader


WebReaderWeb Reader is a web app optimized for reading web pages on Sony Reader. It's integrated with Readability, so you can access your bookmarks and read the articles on your Reader.

The following Reader models are supported:

  • Sony Reader PRS-T1
  • Sony Reader PRS-T2


Open reader.webgear.co.nz in your Reader, login to your Readability account and enjoy reading your articles offline!

Registration with Readability is free - plus you get cool add-ons for different browsers (that allow you to Read Later a page, which effectively sends the article to you reading list, which is then accessible from Web Reader).

You can also download this epub file to you Reader. I call it the "ePub App". It has a link to the Web Reader. As a bonus you also get a nice "screen saver" with Web Reader logo when your Reader goes into standby mode.


Please submit your feedback here: webreader.uservoice.com

Visit app's facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/webreaderapp